Fans Can Now Play Card against Humanity for Free

Cards against HumanityInternet gamers can now play “Card against Humanity” for free as it is now available as “Cards Against Originality” – a free web application with all expansions as the original game. The original game “Card against Humanity” is a popular game which is similar to “Apples to Apples”. This unofficial web application of “Cards against Originality” was made by designer Dawson Whitfield as a hobby and is an exact replica of the previous game; as such players can recognize every card that is dealt out. Players are given white noun cards with serious and innocuous words like “bubbles” and “holocaust deniers” to keep them interested in the game.

About Cards against Originality

In this game a rotating judge first selects a black card with a phrase in which a word is missing and selects a word from submissions by other players which completes the phrase in the funniest possible manner. After this round, a new judge is selected and players can play this only if they accept links from each other and are all seated within the same room. Playing this game is completely legal as long as the creator Dawson Whitfield does not make any profit from it. Several people have downloaded this game and are playing it for free from the website. Friends sitting at a pub or coffee house or even a party can have a collective game if they all carry smartphones.

About Cards against Humanity

The creator of “Cards against Humanity” Max Temkin has no complaints about this rehash version of the game and acknowledges the popularity of the game. He is in fact glad that fans like his game so much that they have recreated it to suit their own taste. As Max Temkin’s team is not interested in developing a mobile application version of this game, he is not affected by the fact that another person has done it. The team of “Cards against Humanity” is working on some more digital gaming products, but are not ready to venture into phone games just yet.