Gladiator Progressive Pot Exceeds One Million Euros

Gladiator is an online slot machine with a progressive jackpot that is usually six figures large and has grown to seven figures on a number of occasions. This is one of those times as it recently hit the one-million euro mark and players clamor to seize the big prize.


GladiatorGladiator slots is a game based on the 2000 motion picture directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe. The game uses licensing from the film, including images straight from movie, but the game actually released in 2008, years after Gladiator DVDs had already hit the bargain bins. Some thought the late arrival for this game was a curious choice, but it continues to be a popular slot game even now because it is a fast-paced game with fun, lucrative bonus opportunities and a top jackpot that few other online slots can compete with it.

Where to Play

Gladiator slots is developed by Playtech, a leading developer of online casino software. Playtech progressive jackpots are powered by the Playtech network, which means that whether you play Gladiator at casino A or casino B, you are playing for the same casino pot. The only catch that one has to watch for is that a casino can choose to host Gladiator in a non-progressive mode, which means that you would not have a shot at the big pot.

How to Win the Top Jackpot

There is no minimum bet to win the top prize. However, the chances increase significantly when all pay lines are active, which requires $2.50 per spin. Winning the progressive requires activating a bonus round, so if a play has a $10 bankroll, his or her best bet is to spin the machine four times.