Much Awaited Casino Atari Jackpots Launched

Atari Jackpots is the latest offering from the developers of the console games. The casino is also in the news for its new gambling initiative.

New plan

Atari_JackpotsThis is the first step by the company into the lucrative online gaming business. The company is leveraging on their popular games and have introduced those for the online setup. This move is a smart business decision as it directly engages with its patrons. The players who grew up playing the Atari games like Centipede or Asteroids and others now can play the same games on new platforms. Other than its own games, there would be the usual casino games on offer like poker, bingo and others.

All the games can only be played with virtual currency. However, the games are accessible to players from across the world. There are even plans to bring more games into this new venture in the coming months.

Smart business move

Atari narrowly missed bankruptcy last year. Ever since the company has many bold moves to capitalize its brand and popularity to develop new businesses and grow the company into a profitable and a viable one. It partnered with Flowplay to use the latter’s platform for the online games to develop their own. The use of its popular games for its online venture along with the popular casino games has been a smart business move by Atari. With increasing use of smartphone and tablets by people from all over the world, the online gaming scene changed completely. The move to the social gaming scene by Atari has been seen as bold but necessary in the present scenario where gamers love to engage in social casino games through their mobile devices. The company management is also keen to take the opinion of its patrons into consideration to improve the new games.

Now the company plans to develop its real money games, having tasted the waters with the virtual money online games. For this they have entered into business with other gaming platforms from established companies and this new venture would be called Atari Casino.