Understanding Bets in Online Craps – Part 3

Besides the “Pass bets, Do Not Pass bets”, and the “Side Odds bets”; craps players can also place other bets named Come and Do Not Come bets, Place Bets, Buy bets and Lay bets among others. In this article, we shall discuss about the Come bets, Place, Buy and the Lay bets.

Online Craps Bet

 Come and Place

The Come bet is exactly like the Pass bet, while the Do Not Come bet is like the Do Not Pass line bet. The only difference here is that the Pass bet is placed on a come out roll, while the Come bet can be placed any time. Players are also allowed to place the Odds bets after the Come bets.

The Place bets are usually put on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10, also called as points or place numbers. The player can bet on any of the place numbers and win if it appears before a seven. Although the bet is same as taking the Odds bet, Place bets do not require you to place a Pass bet before. Also, the payout of these bets is not as high as the Odds bets, as the house edge here is 0.46 percent if the roll is 6 and 8, 1.11 percent if the place bet is on 5 and 9, and 1.67 percent if the bet is on 4 or 10.

The “Place to Lose bet” is the opposite of the Place bet, where a player bets against a place number. You get paid if the roll brings up a seven, and lose if it is a place number.

Buy and Lay bets

In simple terms, Buy bets are Odds bets that you buy by paying a commission of 5 percent on the bet amount. These bets also have fair odds, but the payout isn’t as high. Similarly, the Lay bets are like “Laying the Odds bets” with a commission of 5 percent on the bet amount.

Craps players can also place other types of multi-roll bets like Hard Ways and Big 6 and 8.