Vegas Online Casino – 400 Percent Welcome Bonuses, No Max Cashout

Vegas Online Casino seems to be an exception, an anomaly even, in the world of gambling and online playing sites. It has introduced some very interesting and surprising bonuses and requirements. Regular players have been surprised by the clarity with which they talk about requirements, a rarity when it comes to casino websites. It is going against all that these regulars have experienced on most such websites.

Clarity in player requirements

Online-CasinoUnlike most such casino sites, Vegas Online Casino is surprisingly clear when it comes to what their wager requirements are from players. Their requirement that is set at 25X is way lower than what most sites offer, which is 40X and is considered to be the standard. This means that players take just half the usual time to play through their requirements.

Another interesting aspect is that they clearly mention that their bonus funds are valid only for keno, slots and scratch cards. This is again quite surprising, since most internet casinos so not mention such details. This is, however, slowly becoming a trend where these online casinos are trying to become more player-friendly so as to have more players register with them and play online.

The most astonishing aspect is that not that they have a 400 percent claim available for new players or that the overall limit is $10,000. It is this: they do not have any set maximum cash-out limit! This basically means that you are free to withdraw the entire bonus that you can clear.

Take all you can

Since there is no maximum cash-out limit on this online casino site, you can withdraw any amount of the bonus once cleared. This is actually quite amazing, as most such websites have a maximum set limit for withdrawals while offering lower wager requirements to attract more players.